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Brussels Programme

In the aftermath of the general election 2015, Prospect made important decisions about election promises contained in the Conservative Party manifesto. Three things stood out from early statements from the new government which Prospect had to respond to:

  1. the government’s determination to further shackle trade union activity;
  2. the likelihood of a new round of cuts and a pay freeze in the public sector;
  3. the promise of a referendum on whether the UK should retain its membership of the European Union.

By autumn, the national executive committee had endorsed plans for three national campaigns on those three key areas.

Prospect’s EU campaign is modelled on the approach adopted for the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 – that the union is not in the business of telling members how to vote. It is only interested in providing members with key arguments, research, and opinion from all sides of the debate, pro and anti-EU, to allow them to take an informed view in the run-up to the referendum.

As part of the national campaign Prospect organised a two-day trip in February to Brussels.  You can see the itinerary here.

The party of a dozen Prospect members met with MEPs, officials and representatives from the European Parliament and other European institutions, and officials from the European Trade Union Congress and UNI.  This provided them with an insight into some of the institutions and debates around the EU.



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