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Parliamentary Enquiries and other significant information

Parliamentary inquiries

A number of select committees within Parliament have launched their own specific inquiries as to the implications of the UK’s continued membership of or withdrawal from the EU for their own areas of work. These are intended to help inform the public ahead of the referendum and, as such, may be of help to members as regards where they live, or their own industries or concerns. In addition, a number of committees also touch on EU affairs on the basis of ongoing policy, but we have not linked to them here.

The inquiries all feature the grilling of expert witnesses by the members of the committees; all evidence is published (and can be viewed on and each committee will conclude with writing its own report based on the evidence with which it has been presented during the process.

House of Commons:

Energy and Climate Change Committee: EU referendum Energy and Climate Change Implications

Environmental Audit Committee: Assessment of EU/UK environmental policy

European Scrutiny Committee: UK Government’s renegotiation of EU membership: parliamentary sovereignty and scrutiny.  See also subsequent report on the renegotiation package.

First Special Report published together with government response

 Follow-Up inquiry (although this has also now concluded)

Foreign Affairs Committee: Costs and benefits of EU membership for the UK’s role in the world; report now published at:

Health Committee: Impact of membership of the EU on health policy in the UK

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee: Northern Ireland and the EU referendum report now published.

Public Accounts Committee: Financial management in the EU

The National Audit Office has published a briefing for the PAC on the financial management of the EU budget in 2014

Scottish Affairs Committee: The EU referendum and its impact on Scotland

Treasury Committee: The economic and financial costs and benefits of UK’s EU membership

Business Innovation and Skills Committee: Business view on EU referendum

House of Lords:

European Union Select Committee: The process of withdrawing from the European Union. Report now published.

Science and Technology Committee: Relationship between EU membership and the effectiveness of UK science; report now published.

Other information

European Union Finances 2015: European Union Finances 2015: Statement on the 2015 EU Budget and measures to counter fraud and financial mismanagement (HM Treasury publication)

EU reform negotiations: what’s going on? House of Commons Library Briefing Paper No. 7311, January 2016

EU referendum: the process of leaving the EU  House of Commons Library Briefing Paper No. 7511, April 2016

You can access all the reports and impartial analysis that the House of Commons Library and the House of Lords Library has produced on the issue of the EU referendum at a dedicated webpage.  

The process for withdrawing from the European Union Cabinet Office paper Cm 9216, February 2016

Alternatives to membership: possible models for the United Kingdom outside the European Union, March 2016

Rights and obligation of European Union membership, April 2016

Significant non-parliamentary information

The potential policy and environmental consequences for the UK of a departure from the European Union, published by the Institute for European Environmental Policy

The website for the National Institute for Economic and Social Research’s programme of research into the EU referendum and the role of the UK in a changing Europe, can be found here:

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