All our contributors are writing in a personal capacity and are included here to help further debate among members about the UK’s continued membership of the EU or withdrawal from it, so as to assist them cast their vote in the referendum in an informed way. None of the opinions on these pages are being advanced on behalf of Prospect, in line with the union’s recognised stance of neutrality on such questions.


Calvin Allen is a Research Officer in Prospect’s Department for Communications and Research. He works on a number of issues including pay, pensions and industry policy and regulation, and has a keen interest in international affairs.


Jane Copley is a Legal Officer in Prospect’s Legal Team.  She joined Prospect in February 2014, after completing a PhD in managerial and professional trade unionism (in collaboration with Prospect, Nautilus International and the TSSA unions). Prior to this, Jane lectured in employment law and industrial relations for the TUC. Jane is a Legal Officer; advising negotiators and reps on a variety of employment law issues relating to individual personal and cases, collective matters and Employment Tribunal claims.

Marion Scovell is head of Prospect’s legal team. She has been a legal officer with Prospect since 1995 and previously worked in Community Law Centres as an employment law adviser. Marion advises and represents members on all aspects of employment law, contributes to union publications and training, and manages the general legal services for Prospect.

Dr Mike Galsworthy is the Programme Director for Scientists for EU


Dr Chris Leigh is a spokesperson for Scientists for Britain.

Geoff Fletcher is a Health and Safety Inspector and Prospect’s Health and Safety Executive Branch Secretary.

Honey Lansdowne is an online marketing manager for BT and Prospect’s BT Brighton Branch Secretary.   

Andrew MacDonald is a sales consultant for BT and Prospect’s BT Nottingham Branch Secretary.

Dai Hudd is Prospect Deputy General Secretary

Judith Kirton Darling  is an MEP

Abigail Rumsey is a member of CABI Branch and on Prospect’s Young Professionals’ Network committee

Phil McEvoy is a Prospect pensions officer

Graham Stewart is Prospect’s Parliamentary and Campaign’s Officer

Jonathan Green is Prospect’s Head of Research

Sarah Page is Prospect’s health and safety officer. She has been a union health and safety representative on and off since 1984 and a professional health and safety practitioner since graduating in Occupational Hygiene in 1991.

Andy Mooney is a Prospect NEC member and Air Traffic Systems Specialist

John Stevenson is a Prospect Negotiations Officer

Eamonn Wylie is a co-opted member on Prospect’s Air Traffic Control Officers’ Branch assisting in the role of International & Government affairs. Eamonn is an air traffic controller at Belfast International Airport (Aldergrove).

Barrie Worth, Chair of CMD South branch and a member of the CMD Sector Executive

Keith Flett, Secretary of Haringey TUC; member of the CMD Sector Executive and BT Committee, and of BT Central London HQ branch

 Leigh Freeman, Prospect National Trust Branch Vice-President


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