This website has been set up to provide a platform for Prospect members to discuss issues referring to the UK’s membership of the EU in the light of the UK government’s desire to re-negotiate the terms of membership. It will have a relatively short life and will be wound down after the referendum has been held, but we hope in the meantime to facilitate a vibrant and challenging conversation with and between members about what EU membership and withdrawal means for Prospect members as regards how either outcome will affect them in their working lives.

What can you find on the site?

  • Content from both sides of the debate as well as some more or less factual sections looking at the process of the referendum and what we know so far about the re-negotiation. The content will be continually updated as information comes to light; and opinions will be offered and discussed.
  • You can ask us a question (and we’ll do our best either to deliver an answer or find someone who can).
  • You can read about Prospect activities in this campaign and our policies on the EU, and how we interpret these in the light of changing developments during the re-negotiation process.
  • Exchanges of opinions and views about what being in, or out, of the EU means for people at work via the huge array of industries and sectors in which Prospect members can be found, from industry experts and leaders and ordinary members alike.

The content will be continually updated as information comes to light, including via the addition of new FAQs and the amendment of those that already exist; and opinions will be offered and discussed. So do keep checking back here regularly for new content!

We would encourage you to join the debate. All the sections on this website invite your participation and your observations and comments on the content that you read are welcome regardless of which side of the debate you’re on. Do note that comments will be actively moderated and we will remove any that we find offensive.

If you have an idea about something that you want to see on the site, or would like to explore a theme in greater depth that you think could help Prospect members in forming their views, let us know.

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